2016 CHI Summer Abroad Project Donation

Goal: $5,000.00
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$25 - Paint those walls - Just $25 will buy enough paint to finish two entire classroom walls.

$35 - Build me a desk - You donation of $35 will build a brand new desk for a CHI Academy student. 

$50 - Out with blackboard, in with whiteboard - Chalk from the current blackboards are irritating the students eyes and causing chronic coughing. Help reduce this buy donating $50 for a new whiteboard and pens.

$100 - Paint the school - Our exterior walls are in much need of a fresh coat of paint. You generous donation of $100 will buy enough paint for a quarter of the school.

$250 - Get rid of the dirt - A $250 donation will buy enough gravel for the entire school. This will help reduce the dirt that the children track in and breath.

$500 - Fresh veggies - Help implement a new program for our CHI Academy students. With your generous contribution of $500, the summer abroad students will help build a school garden where the academy students can learn, plant, harvest, then eat.

$1,500 - Let's go out and play - Our school lacks a play area for our students. Your very generous contribution of $1,500 will allow our Summer Abroad participants to install a play area; complete with a fence, fresh sand, a new slide, swings, and a merry-go-round. Additionally, we will be able to purchase soccer balls, jump ropes, and other play equipment.

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